Saturday, July 03, 2010



Again for Football! Holland made it to the semi finals. Congrats!!!

We will try our best to be there as well against...we will see!

So far: HUP HOLLAND!!!



Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congrats to the United States of America!!!

Hey guys,

our friends in the United States voted. I'm sure it was a good decision, at least a historical one.
I see you in Europe or hopefully in your country soon.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Hi all, and especially my spanish friends,

well, Jaime told me he is a happy guy now...I can't really say that I was happy during the game...but I was already a while after the game. If Germany couldn't win, Spain is the second best choice for me... You guys deserve it, that's for sure!!! A long time ago that Spain won anything...I think none of you was alive by that time ;-)

Well, still, the WorldCup is to take place in just 2 we'll give it another try.



Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dear Blekerslaan-ians!


(This is my first post (don't really know how it works...)!)

Just wanted to say I had a great time seeing some of you all again!
After a troubled period from anywhere to everywhere I have finally moved to a permanent place in the Netherlands/Groningen again and I'm happy.
(basically a side-street on the way from Blekerslaan to the city centre when going out; just when passing the police station...the street on the right, with the coffee-shops and all).
The '08-reunion has just passed. Had much fun (thanks all).
See you next time maybe (in another place?)? (I like sun too!, not only Gro.-rain/wet snow!)

All the best/greetings/hugs/love or whatever, ofcourse also for the people who were not there/couldn't make it.

'Sala Hantle' and 'rustig aan',

Peter Sello

Friday, March 28, 2008

Back in New Orleans...

Hey all,

I wanted to let you all know that I will be posting all of my pictures on my Facebook profile (James Lukens). If you want to save them, just right click (save as) the full screen version. I should have them up by the end of this evening. Also, if you want any videos (they're not very good), I can probably send them individually by email.

I had a wonderful time, and I'm already looking forward to the next reunion!



Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Like in the good old days...

Hi everybody,

the Easter Weekend is over, most people already left Groningen to go back to work etc.
It was really so nice to be there again with the 2004/2005 crew and to meet the new 2007/2008 people. So here's some pics from the weekend:

James, Hanjo, Dan (Tiff's husband) and Tiff at Molly's...

...Dan eating the first time a "brodje kroket" out of the FEBO wall... picture on friday night (not everybody was already there)...

...friday night in the common room...

...saturday afternoon in the Vismarket...

I don't have the pictures from Saturday night and Sunday, so if anybody has some, please send it to me.

I'm gonna take the opportunity to say "thank you" to everybody who went to that meeting from Germany, Hungary, Spain, Ireland, the USA and of course from Holland.

And of course a huge "thank you" as well to the Blekerslaan people from this year. They were so nice and patient with sometimes more than 15 people from the past in the common room doing some party, we went out with some of them, so it was a great weekend.

Too bad, that some of you guys who wanted to come missed it, so make sure that next time, you'll be there.

Thanks to all and take care.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

More pics...

Hi everybody,

well, most of the people arrived, Javi, Karen and Denise are coming in far everything turned out pretty well...I will just add some pics for you:

There you are...

Cheers from Groningen!!!


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hi guys,

WE ARE BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!! Well, it's kind of the same as it always was!!! New people, new paintings on the wall, but the atmosphere is great!!
The first 2 pics, more to come:

you see, the beer is already there...

And some of the new people (who are all very nice by the way) and Hanjo!

We will probably set up our base here in Blekerslaan, so if you come, just come here...

See you soon and those who are not coming...don't be too jealous.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meeting in Blekerslaan

Hi everybody,

I'm gonna arrive in Groningen thursday afternoon (16:10) and I will go to Blekerslaan then to say "hi" to the new students there and tell them that we might hang around in the living room a bit ;-)

Anyway, James, Tiff, just tell me when you arrive in Groningen and we meet either at Blekerslaan then or I can meet you at Tivoli. Just text me what time and place you prefer, I'll be there.

Ah, by the way...this is where we are...Tivoli is very close to Hanjos place where Frauke, Flo, Lia and I will stay just about 150 meters...and we all know of course, that Blekerslaan is not far either!

I think my dutch number isn't working anymore...use the german one, ok?

See you soon!!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Less than a week!!!

Hi everybody,

wow, only about a week to go!!! To see who's gonna be there on which days I launched you go:

Taking a closer look yields the following distribution:

Well, you might notice that I was a bit too much involved in all that statistic stuff at university recently...

Anyway! Looks like saturday is the day when all of us are gonna be there!!! So with Frauke and Karen we already have set up a meeting point and time to see Karen and Denise who are arriving on saturday:

Saturday, 19:30. In front of the "3 Gezusters" (I hope you remember that bar...).

But I'm sure we will meet before ;-)

For those who arrive friday: What do you think about meeting at Blekerslaan at noon or in the afternoon?? And: Is anybody else maybe already coming on thursday??? Molly's is waiting for us as I heard...

See you soon!!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

3 weeks to go...

Hi everybody,

how are you?? Well, I can't wait to just go to Groningen and see all of you. And from a lot of emails from you guys I know you feel the same...

So who are we so far?

For sure:
Flo, Lia, Jaime, Maura, Javi, James, Tiffany and her husband, Karen, Denise, Frauke, Peter, Hanjo, Cheryl

And maybe some more, I'm working on it...

There is a small problem with the sleeping topic. I asked the student manager at Blekerslaan and he told me that he didn't have any room for us...too bad, but well, we should try to find something else then.

Hanjo offered some places on the floor of his appartment for us, some already booked a B&B.
We can try again at the hostel, although I already emailed them and they said they were booked out...anyway, sometimes they don't really know what's happening in their own house...

If anybody still has some friends in Groningen where people could stay or knows some cheap places to sleep, just post it here and let's see what happens...

See you soon and if you have any further questions, just tell me!


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Some more...

Hey people,

guess who's coming as well...

...right...Tiffany with her husband!!!

And Javi of course as well!!!

So come on now!



Thursday, February 07, 2008

Carnival in Cologne

Hey everybody,

of course I was in Cologne for the Carnival again this year...
Jaime, Javi, maybe now you recognize the square better than in the last video...

Next year, I hope some of you guys will be there as well.



Saturday, February 02, 2008


Hey all,

I really hope that everyone is doing their best to make it to the reunion! It's very likely that I'll buy a plane ticket in the next week...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reunion 2006 - video online

Hi there,

here's the video from the last Reunion two years ago...have fun.
So everybody, hope to see you in march then.

Take care and

Viva Colonia!!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Update 2 - Blekerslaan Reunion

Hey everybody,

I have 2 more of us who will definetly come to Groningen next march (20th till 24th).

So we are adding to the list:


Come on, I still miss some people on the list...

See you soon


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update - Blekerslaan Reunion 2008

Hey everybody,

last week I put that reunion topic back on the schedule, and I already got some reactions to that as you might have notice in some emails you got during the last days.

So here's some people who told me that they're going to be there:

Karen (she told me she's gonna bring Inga with her)
and of course Peter

Some others are still figuring out whether they can come for the whole weekend or just for some days...

So, the rest of you don't hesitate to come as well, I'm pretty sure it will be a fantastic weekend and we will have an awesome time over there.



Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blekerslaan Reunion 2008

Hey everybody,

I made a little mistake in my email to you.
As I know, friday (march, 21st) and monday are holidays in a lot of countries. So I think that date on easter is the best for most of you. If anybody knows a better date, let's discuss that.

I would suggest to arrive thursday (march, 20th 2008) and leave monday (march, 24th 2008).

I might stay a little bit longer, so if anybody is interested in the same, just tell me.

So come on now:

Who is coming?? Where are we staying?? What do we do over there??

Please write down what you think about it, if you want to bring some hundred litres of wine with you or whatever. Here's the place to do it!



Saturday, August 04, 2007

Antonio comes again!!! five minutes five minutes :)

Hi everybody!!!!

It´s true if nobody writes something, this great webside wont´t work properly cause it needs our contribution. Well I am gonna tell a summary of my life….otherwise you can not survive after telling my whole life hehehe. I am still in the university doing my 3 subjects I have left to finish my career. In terms of work… what can I say… it´d be better if I get a new job cause what I am doing now it´s a little bit boring …. I am doing some administration job…. Which means….be bored all the time hehehe.
I have also really good news about my relationship with my girlfriend. After a long period of problems finally we are now in our best moment since long time. Of course we are arguing sometimes but according to “normal” things into the relationship.
The rest of my life is really good….. I am just trying to enjoy the life as much as I can.
Ahhh, as I suppose you know it was a tremendous disaster in Gran Canaria in terms of fires in the forests. Ohh my god, although I didn´t have any problems I saw too many people suffering cause they had lost everything….. I hope it wont´t happened again.
Well, this summer I ´d like to go out, doing barbecues, going to the beach…. Taking advantages of my student life hehehe.

P.d: Come on people, Christoph needs us to go on with this wonderful idea so don´t be lazy and write something hehehe.

I add a picture of a birthday of my best friend (the biguest guy hehe)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

hi to everybody,
to make Christoph happy and to avoid his anger, I will write something as well.
I'm fine and I became princess with a friend of mine as you can see on the picture.
We got these jewel for only two broken baloons with darts. And because of "some"
beers we keept the jewels the hole night. :-)
When I am not playing princess I go to concerts ("Reel Big Fish" was in Bremen!),
play soccer (and sprained my ankle in march) and go to a real wedding (nobody
of my friends is married until next Friday, I'm excited!). Well, and of course
I study computer science. We have a project with soccer playing robots. Maybe
you heard about Robocup?
A lot of hugs to everybody and tell us what you are doing now. :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Here we are guys: it's almost a year since someone wrote somethin on this blog, then
I was talkin with Cristoph on MSN and he was threat me about post something! ehehe..

I'm pretty sure you're all doing great with your stuff, and maybe you're too busy (or lazy, like me!) to write an email, but what about make fresh start with this blog?
Just an update about where you are and what did you do on this year... i start first!

- I moved to Milan to continue my study in Psychology, and in a year and half i'm going to finish..well...maybe somethin more but that's it: i'm takin easy, not stress at all!;-)
- I had the great idea of join the Erasmus Student Network association, and now i'm runnin a section in my University, so i'm still gettin in touch with the wonderful Erasmus world- only one problem: too many Spanish in this city!;-)
- Thanks to ESN, i travelled a lot around europe: Germany, Czech Republic, France...and thanks to ESN i've to spend this summer studing 'cause my last exams were a shit!
- Also if i know a lot of Erasmus Students, my English is going worst and worst: i realized it chattin' with Chema...we understood each other perfectly!
- I miss the Netherlands too much: there was an Internationl Food exibition two months ago here in Milan and i bought 50euro of stropwaffels (not kiddin)

Then here the idea:
What do
you think about a meeting again in Groningen?

with Cristoph we're thinkin about Spring 2008, so we all have the time to plan our trip, but we can also use this blog for collectin ideas about...

(ok relax i'm not thinkin about bring 120 liters of wine again like the previous time!)

Ok guys, your Blekerslaanians again!

Peace and Love


Finally, a bit more time again...

Hi everybody,

since I didn't have a lot of time during the last year, I didn't write anything on the blog. But I was kind of surprised ;-) when I saw, that none of you did either...

Same problem? No time for those things anymore???

Well, for starters I will put some pics from the last months of my life, hoping that you'll add something from your lives as well.

If you have any problems with the log-in, just tell me, I'm sure we will manage it again to get you there...even you Carlos!!!

Ok, so enjoy the pics:

Javi went visiting me in Germany!!!

Flo came to Mannheim.

Went skiing in the alps with my friends

Carneval in my hometown with my ex-girlfriend.

Sailing in Holland in may. First time Flo went sailing!!!

Hope you got a short impression about the last 12 months.

So, now it's your turn...

Big hugs to all and

Viva Colonia!!!


Monday, July 10, 2006

The World Was In Germany - A Time To Make Friends!!!

Hi everybody,

first of all: Congratulations to Italy!!!
You did it as Luca said: in 1990 we took the Cup from Rome, now you took it from Berlin. Fair enough!!!

Some impressions from the last weeks, it was really a good time, great atmosphere in the cities...



the World Champions




and of course: Holland

And many many others...

See you soon


The Pope is German but God is Italian!!!


and we got it! After 24 years and a whole generation grown up with the myth of Spain '82, we're World Champions again. I think you guys can imagine what happened yesterday night in this country. You know Italians like easy going and party addicted people, but in this situation we got completely insane! Never seen anything like this. Unfortunately i broke my camera a couple of months ago so I’ve only these shitty phone-camera pictures of the night, but I’ll post some picture took from my friends soon.

And at the end, I'm proud to say that i was prophetic...

"as Luca said: We won the title in Italy 16 years ago, so now Italy has the chance to win it in Germany...Sounds just!"

Sounds totally just, and we got it!
Sorry my French friends, but next time give Zizou some tranquillizer ok?

Now the party will go on for at least a week...what can i say...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Félicitations France!

Congratulations to you Frenchies as well...

Zizou is back and that's good. Hope we're gonna see a nice game on sunday (as I heard from Italy, maybe some Blekerslaanians will be in France, what's up???)



Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Congratulations Italy!!!

Hi guys,

a very sad day for us yesterday...we lost against Italy and won't be World Champion this time...
Anyway, I wish Italy all the best for the final now!!! Good luck and as Luca said: We won the title in Italy 16 years ago, so now Italy has the chance to win it in Germany...Sounds just!

By the way, the picture was taken some days ago at the last game, when the world still seemed alright ;-)

See you


Monday, June 26, 2006


Hey all,

I'm finally done with teaching and that means one thing...I'm coming back to Europe for the summer!!!! I just wanted to make one last post to see if any of you are travelling during the summer. Since I will be travelling by myself, I can always use a partner in crime (or someone to make sure I get back to the hostel alive). I will also be staying at Blekerslaan around the second week of July. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this summer!


P.S. Fucking cheating Portuguese (no offense)

Friday, June 23, 2006


Hi everybody,

the sailing trip was great, pictures will follow next week. For now I just put the FAMILY HOUSE - Movie online, finally...(you can find it on the right side at "links"). The quality is very bad because I had to make the file smaller, but I think soon there might be a solution to that problem.
At least Tyson, you can finally see it...

And as always with these videos: if it's slow and not running well, just press the "pause" button and wait till the video is loaded, ok?

Enjoy the sun guys and have a good time


Thursday, June 15, 2006


long time has passed, yet i feel like we were all together just yesterday.
all of us will always remember those good times.... they will be stories for our grandchildren (*censored versions of course 8)

USA is very good now. My business is doing well and my goals of buying a home are true! its been 1 year since i have lived here and so much has been acomplished. its a very gratifying feeling seeing the rewards of the hard work i have put in the past 6 months with my business in real estate.

Sanna is living here with me. she got an internship here and we are doing quite well. after we both work hard all day we dont have much energy left to go out and party or anything super crazy like that.... life is offering different experiences at this time, and i like them alot.

i just wanted to log on to the blog adn say WHADDDD UPPPPP????

I hope you are doing well with your lives...

all the best from that crazy guy from teh USofA. take care all

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Hi guys,

long time I didn't have time to write something, and actually I don't have time right now...
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to be back in Holland for a couple of days to go sailing on the "Ijsselmeer"...

So expect some pics from this trip soon next week.

Don't worry about the Queen's Day-Movie, I found a program to edit these video files and I hope I will find some time soon to cut it...

So long, take care all of you



Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back in Germany!

Hi everybody,

I'm back in Germany! After a long, long (well only 7 hours) trip by train during the night I arrived yesterday morning at 5 o'clock. Had to wake up not so long afterwards to go to university...and I DID!!!!!

Anyway, for me it was a very nice weekend, I enjoyed it a lot to meet some people from the last year's Blekerslaan crew, the rest of the Groningen crew and the people from this year's Blekerslaan crew. They were really nice too, and which is an important point: they didn't complain at all about having around 25 ex-residents in their/our living room and kitchen, playing football, having big dinner listening to some very loud music etc. (you sureley remember what I'm talking about...).

Ok, I will put some pics now, and I'm working on some video stuff, but it will take some days I think...

My way to Groningen on thursday: Stop in Cologne!!!

Groote Markt on saturday afternoon

Article in a newspaper about some problems at the last Blekerslaan-Party

"old" and "new" together in front of the house sitting in the sun

"The Italian Wine Corner" at Groote Markt. I still have the sign, I will bring it when we do it again, ok?

Andrew trying to empty the 130 litres of italian red wine...

And afterwards...tryin' to bring Frauke to ... I don't remember... --- somewhere!

Some Spaghetti on sunday evening in B'laan

Reunion picture...

And the departure of the "Wine Corner" (and believe it or not: they made it back to Italy...)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Like in the good old days

Maaaaan, what a good weekend (not for my health though ;-), for just a few days almost the whole common room was in the hands of the crew 04-05 as if people never left. The dinner almost looked like in the pic above.....well almost, this is from the old days, sorry don't have new pics :-(, ......... but I hope to see plenty of them being posted in the next days. I'll be in Groningen until next year finishing Master (I hope), so if ppl want to come around there is a place to stay here.

Greetz from Groningen,


P.S.: @the "Italian Wine Corner": I hope you made it back to Italy without spilling too much Campari behind the steering wheel, the first 20 meters with the caravan looked quite tough ;-)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blekerslaan 4

Hi there,

yes, I am jealous…. :-( I would love to be in Groningen now or better the days before. It is not enough that I have to do some programming stuff and can´t go to Groningen. Furthermore I sit here and feel as I had a hedgehog for breakfast. So I have a really fat cold.

Well, enough self-pity for today.

I wish you all a great time in Groningen! Enjoy and take a little bit care. :-)

Can´t wait for the pictures. :-)


Hi again,

I'm very fucked up and I can tell you.... it was very nice yesterday and the day before...
the italians arrived yesterday and brought their wine with them we sold at groote Markt...very funny, and there will be some more videos and stuff when I'm back in Germany tomorrow night.

Just some pics to get an impression what those of you who unfortunately couldn't come missed...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Queen's Day

Hi people,

just woke up again after a long long queen' night...

OK, and then there was the italians coming (Luca , Lavinia...)

So I had to take some wines................................

There will be pics from their Caravan....

now I just put some pics how we 're enjoying Blekerslaan right now....

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hi everybody,

just woke up, took a shower in the d-floor, and now I got to go recharge my mobile...
By the way my dutch number on which you can call me and send messages is:


so, we will meet today 6 o'clock in Blekerslaan. And on Sunday there'll be a Barbecue in the bike racks...



Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just for starters!!!

Hi guys,

ok, I'm back again in OUR HOUSE, just met some people who seem nice, have to go down get some beers soon, I just wanted to tell you that I will take care of everything here.

Billard table gone, pingpong table gone, but the rest seems quite familiar.

I will put some photos later on, but now I really got to go back to socialize.

All the best to you and it's really a pity that some of you can't be here for the weekend, you would love the house and this atmosphere, believe me...



Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I have been thinking on writting here, in this wonderful blog (christoph as everybody said and know you are...incredible! thank you!), a long time, but time is nowadays something i would like to buy at any cost ;) So i will be short but brief. My life is going well, now i am used to my job in the family enterprise but always with doubts about what i am going to do in the future; friends, family and boyfriend very well and i am just arrived from BRAZIL!!!!!! (Csilla you got the beer!) fantastic trip with Pablo, we went to my aunt´s house in Sao Paulo (great city), also one day in Rio de Janeiro (someone has been there? i think is the most beautiful place i had been) , we had a lot of fun all time!

I really love to hear from you in this blog, it is very nice we still keep in contact, i wish you a great weekend, i would like to stay there with you!!!!
New people who is living now in Blekerslaan will know what is a REALLY NICE AND CRAZY ERASMUS!!! jajaja

Miss you so much crazy blekerslaan crew!!!!

lots of kisses from Spain